Sunday, June 15, 2008

Back in Portland

So, here's where I'll be summing up my travels this season.
Here's the scoop so far: Bobby and I left Long Beach on Tuesday, and spent some lovely days with our friends in Oakland after that. Here's to landscape architecture students and their fabulous studios made of old windows! Well, one specific student. In San Francisco I bought the Loose Goose, my long-necked folding bike. Warm Planet Bikes specializes in folding bikes, so I got lots of good advice there.
On Friday we drove to Portland, and that drive just seems longer and longer every time I do it. Must be like birth, where the body tricks you into forgetting the pain involved so you go through the ordeal again willingly. Anyway, Portland is as good as usual, so many bicyclists and sunny breezes. I engaged, unhappily, in more consumerist orgies of spending here, outfitting myself for my travels.
Tomorrow the Carfree Cities conference starts. And now I must go sample the slow-cooked pork my friend made.