Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Portland Tally

Since I've been in Portland this week, I've
- gone to Rontom's twice
- gone to Bailey's Taproom once
- tried Pambiche's breakfast (ugh)
- tried Dove Vivi for cornmeal crust pizza (mmmm!)
- visited Astoria and the lovely Fort George Brewery
- tried the apple turnover at the cafe at Little T (oh, my love!)
- eaten at the Hungry Tiger Too (which was probably much nastier when smoking indoors was legal here)
- spent hours at my precious Aalto Lounge
- spent hours at the charming Crema
- ridden the bus a lot
- ridden borrowed bikes a little
- mocked hipsters as though I'm outside that category
- watched trees start to blossom
- bought some Naturalizers at Red White & Blue in Milwaukie
- bought some very large seafoam pants at the Bins
- eaten at Ken's Artisan Pizza
- sat for a long time at Opposable Thumb
- kicked myself over and over for leaving this place
- made plans to live here over the summer for fieldwork
- loved every wet inch of my city