Friday, January 8, 2010

Bottega Louie on Yelp

This relatively new restaurant in downtown LA, Bottega Louie, has over 670 reviews on Yelp. Doesn't that seem a bit excessive? Why would that many people feel the need to report their personal experiences of the place? Is it a good sign for the restaurant?

Yelp commenters tend toward the jokes in a way I usually find irritating, or they provide extraneous details that get in the way of the information you want. I guess that's part of the human side of user-generated content, everyone gets to weigh in and things are not as smooth and machine-like as they could be. It's like when I'm waiting to pay for some items in my co-op and the lady in front of me is puttering about and puttering about and oh she also wanted some short-grained rice, how could she have forgotten!

When we decide to build the human back into things, it makes things take longer sometimes. Or you get 670 redundant reviews.

(I'm not immune, sometimes I comment on New York Times articles. Plus I have this blog.)

(Also, Bottega Louie is fantastic. Seems like they're trying to trick you with the free sparkling water, though.)