Friday, March 5, 2010

New Jet Technology Makes Instant Gratification More Possible

It's funny that you can ride your bike to Vermont/Beverly station in Koreatown at 7 am, ride the Red Line to 7th/Metro, board the Blue Line to Wardlow, and then ride through charming California Heights to the deco Long Beach Airport. You get there at 8:15 am.

And then at 10:30 am you walk out on the tarmac, cause they're small-scale like that, climb one of those sturdy staircases, and board a little jobby to Portland.

Two hours later, jobby lands and you board the MAX to the Hollywood Transit Center in NE Portland. Then you climb aboard bus #75, which runs along 39th Avenue. Soon you can get off at Woodstock Boulevard, enjoy wieners at Otto's, lattes at the Woodstock Wine & Deli, and ogle the current crop of Reedies making the trek up the hill to Woodstock for lunch at 2:30 pm.

I'd been traveling long distances solely by train from September 2008 till January 2010, so pardon me if I marvel at the magical time/space bending capabilities of modern jet travel!