Sunday, August 23, 2009

Live from Ruggles Beach!

Today's the last day of the distance biking portion of our trip. We're somewhere between Huron and Ruggles Beach, Ohio, at a motel on the shore of Lake Erie. I have tremendous plans for adding entries to this thing about our bike trip across Michigan and our week in Detroit, but it hasn't happened yet. We've been spending all our time meeting people and seeing things. For example, yesterday we crossed the Detroit River in Ontario, Canada, had breakfast in a small café in Kingsville, and boarded a ferry to Pelee Island (about which a Canadian woman sitting next to me in a bar at the top of Detroit's tallest building, the Ren Cen, said, "I wouldn't call it beautiful"), in the Canadian Bahamas. From there we took another ferry to Sandusky, Ohio, viewing the dreadful climbs and falls of Cedar Point, Ohio's Knott's Berry Farm (it's true! There's a Camp Snoopy and everything).
Check out time, more from Cleveland, where we're arriving later today.