Friday, August 28, 2009

On Returning to Los Angeles

This morning we disembarked from our Superliner Roomette on the Southwest Chief and re-entered the metropolis of Los Angeles. It was smoky out, as there were some fires burning in various hills. Unfortunately Bobby's bike was a wee bit smashed by its travels on the train; somehow Amtrak managed to bend his fork and his rack such that the bike is currently unrideable. We waited around for a while doing claims paperwork and then headed home on the Red Line.
I had tried to think of LA as another one of the urban centers we had visited on our trip, like a new Oz on the horizon rather than a familiar welter of sounds, motors, and colorful language. I was kind of successful, and it actually made my homecoming more pleasant than usual.
I'm awfully behind on documenting our travels, and I'll be making it up over time. Each city we visited seduced me (except Cleveland, sorry), and I've much to say about Detroit.
The smoke has dissipated, it's breezy out, and even the foul words of my loudmouthed neighbor drifting in the window add to the lovely afternoon.